I love JavaScript. I think it is an easy to use language, it is very powerful, it is fast when run in a capable runtime, and with modern updates to the ECMAScript spec, it is a joy to use. I am primarily a JavaScript developer, and generally on the front-end, though I love backend JS just the same.

I do, however, think there is an overabundance of malicious, unnecessary or otherwise misused JavaScript on the web. Tracking, data logging, and even cryptocurrency mining is done on web clients, generally without the user's permission. That is why I use a browser with several extensions to disable JS that I haven't whitelisted and cut ties to foreign services which I did not direct my client to access.

Any page on the canonical mjb.im domain (that is, subdomains excluded) will let you know if there is client-side JavaScript running. My goal is to not run JavaScript on the main website unless absolutely necessary. I will also plan to similarly inform you if I add a form of simple page hit tracking, as well as a page detailing how it works.

Not to mention that there's plenty of stuff you can do with just HTML/CSS that people have often turned to JavaScript to handle. For example, the autofocus attribute on an input element, or placeholder text in input fields, or scrolling the page when clicking a link.

As of January 2019, there is also no tracking on this website.