Indie Game Spotlight: Simplex Mundi

Simplex Mundi is an adventure FPS where you are on an unknown planet, trying to enable towers located on the six sides of a cube planet.

I admittedly did not play this game for very long. I found it difficult to navigate and it wasn't really my kind of game. However, I applaud the developer for putting out their first full game as they describe it, and would encourage them to continue building games.

The first thing you'd notice about Simplex Mundi is the style. The game uses a blocky, almost 3d pixel art style.

the Simplex Mundi world Credit: Simplex Mundi game page

What I will say I really thought was cool about this game was the way it handles menu screens and tutorials. The first thing that happened to me was I walked over a small box, which expanded into a large circle of control info that encompassed me.

control overview

The effect of it expanding around me was a little surprising at first, but I ended up walking in and out of that spot to see it happen again and again. I really thought it was a unique way to give a rundown of how to play.

Going on with that theme, I also thought it was pretty neat that the menu button actually put down a little module that animated open with the menu items. I could even back up and walk around it. When I went far enough away, it animated back into a little box and disappeared.

menu screen module

The game seems nice (and very big) for a first time game. The color scheme was a bit overwhelming at the start with a whole lot of black and dark gray or brown, and the game is unfortunately riddled with typos, which I can forgive due to the developer being from Italy while the game is in english.

It reminds me a lot of some of my earlier games. Of course, far more complete than my earlier games, but there is something to the design that gives me some nostalgia and some hope that this developer will learn from this experience and go on to make great stuff.