Indie Game Spotlight: Lumiette

Lumiette is a twinstick bullet "heaven" currently being developed. An alpha/demo is available to play on Itch, and oh buddy, you should do that.

Lumiette level intro

Lumiette is obviously early on in development, and as far as I can tell, it only has one level as of writing. Yet I found myself really drawn in to it, either because of the gorgeous effects, the fantastic music, or both.

Lumiette shooting screenshot

The twinstick controls feel great and the game gives you a very wide cone of fire, limited to a range of angles above you. If you move to the top of the screen, all of the dropped gems and XP blocks are pulled to you as a reward for braving that dangerous upper half.

You can switch between a wide barrage of shots and a focused beam of energy by holding down the left trigger, or build up energy and launch a massive magical attack with the right trigger.

Eventually, you hit the first boss, which appears to be less of a big bad monster and more of an encouraging figure.

The first boss of lumiette

Halfway through the boss they zagged on me and went into a few challenges. When this screen came up the first time, I audibly "woah"'d:

A test of resolve

There's not much more I can say about the game right now besides it feels great to play, is a joy to look at and listen to, and I'm looking forward to what is coming next. I can't say its pushing any boundaries, but the theme is uplifting, and I think there's a definite space for "difficult games that encourage you" in 2019, if Celeste was of any indication from last year.