Indie Game Spotlight: homerun bun

What a delightful little game. In homerun bun (stylized lower case per the game entry on Itch), you play as a little bunny with a bat/stick, as you chase around a ball, hitting it up to volley it as long as you can. When you miss, and the ball hits the ground, it unleashes a torrent of money which you can then use to buy small upgrades. It is simple, well animated and a great little time waster.

Screenshot of homerun bun

The shop in the game hosts a modest number of items, though with enough variation to keep things interesting. There's a steep incline in price between the items which can be daunting, but the game isn't a race, and the autosaving means you can open it up to volley a few times, make a little cash, then go back to whatever you were up to before.

Screenshot of homerun bun's shop

Overall it's a fun way to waste some time, and beautifully animated. The hitpause and effects when you hit the ball are exciting and reminiscent of Leathal League. This is a game that is worth having at the ready to fill in gaps of time or give yourself something else to focus on for a bit.