About Me

My name is Michael Barrett. I live in the DC area in the US. By trade, I am a programmer doing primarily web development. As a hobby, I make video games, and sometimes tabletop games.

Outside of programming, I spend time getting over-excited about my woodshop, playing with my dog, and getting too emotionally invested in games and video series with my wife. I wish I spent more time hiking and camping, and I love quiet places where I can just sit.


I do a lot of programming day to day, either for work or on my game or side projects. For the web, I typically use JavaScript full stack. I'm looking forward to the maturity of deno and think it could actually be the first thing to really dethrone Node. (remind me to check back on this prediction in 2022).

Besides JavaScript, I also like to play with Crystal, another language that's too early to really use extensively, albeit a really solid project so far. I've also recently been playing more with Lua, which to my surprise, is so fast for what it is. LuaJIT is pretty amazing, too.

Other languages that currently interest me are TypeScript and Rust.


In 2018, my wife and I bought a new home with a secondary building on the property that has become my woodshop. I'm by no means a master woodworker, but I am learning and adore the craft. With the recent move into a house, I have a few projects that I'm excited to get to work on. I'll be making a few pages on this website with pictures of projects and my shop.

Game Development

I've been making games casually since 2002, depending on your definition of a game. I started when I realized you could put buttons in PowerPoint slideshows that link to other slides, and I was able to make some very remedial games. Now, I use GameMaker: Studio 2 (I've been using GameMaker for quite a while overall) and I'm increasingly interested in LÖVE, a Lua based game framework.

My primary project as of 2019 is still Evenfall, an action RPG inspired by my love for games like Diablo 2 and Dota. To see more of what I'm working on (game dev or otherwise), see the works page