Welcome to my website. This isn't so much a profile site as it is a general landing page for my stuff. The web has been centralized to a handful of gigantic websites, so I wanted to peel away and just make my own space.

If the styling seems a bit minimal, it's because, well, besides enjoying minimalism, I'm trying to keep this page very lightweight. I am also minimizing the use of JavaScript out of respect for your CPU/battery life/privacy. You can read more about that decision here. The irony is I'm mainly a JavaScript developer, so make of that what you will.

Here's some quick links, some of which you can also find in the navigation:

Quick Updates

[2019/03/11] - Minor updates, new job

I've added a few more projects to the works page, as well as making some minor stylesheet tweaks.

I'm also happy to announce that I'll be joining the team at Stripe starting April 22nd as a frontend developer.

[2019/01/29] - New indie spotlight

I've written a spotlight for Lumiette.

I've also begun using my own Mastodon instance at social.mjb.im. The account I'm using is now @twisterghost@social.mjb.im.

[2019/01/24] - New indie spotlight

I've written a spotlight review of Simplex Mundi.

I've also tweaked the wording from "Indie Review" to "Indie Spotlight". I'm not really a game reviewer. Instead, I want to focus more on what design elements of the game stood out to me, and talk more as a developer about how I felt about the game. Additionally, I've updated the formatting on the index the spotlights.

[2019/01/15] - New indie spotlight

I've written a spotlight review of Kraken's Curse.

[2019/01/04] - New indie spotlight

I've written a spotlight review of homerun bun.

[2019/01/02] - Hello World

Hello world. My name is Michael, and this is my website. It's built using a simple static site publisher I wrote. The goal is fast load time, small page load and room to play.

I'll be posting simple updates on this page. You can read my ramblings on my blog or learn more about me.

The inspiration for this website was a desire to embrace the open web more than anything else. I've previously made portfolio websites, and minimized them down to a simple directory, but now I think it's time to make a real place for myself online again.